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INSTAR has a mission of Ethics Empower and Research-with this is mind the following KEY RECOMMENDATION have been agreed to with a clear focus on the first priority being the welfare and well being of women who choose to be a surrogate:
  INSTAR recommends a min compensation of 2.25 lakhs for surrogate mothers irrespective of state/ city
  Full compensation after 28 weeks irrespective of the outcome of pregnancy
  Post delivery care for 6 months free of cost in relation to pregnancy
  Post miscarriage care for 3 months free of cost and compensation for next month of pregnancy and all medical expenses paid in case if miscarriage
  Recommendations in case of unfortunate events like ectopic pregnancy/ hysterectomy or rarest case of death
  Recommendations for Contracts: LOCAL language is a must
  Recommendations in case the child is born with defects
  Condemns discrimination of girl child and follow the PCPNDT Act strictly
  Screening tests for surrogate mothers : recommendations
  Screening for IPs recommendations made
  LOCAL Guardian nomination is a must
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